September 14, 2016

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Raequel Solomon (@systris) formerly of The Triscast is our special guest this week. Her next thing, Vagenda of Manocide, is a music project. It is currently in production and we’ll let you know when you can give it a listen.

Cheeto Jesus Dept.
How Donald Trump retooled his charity to spend other people’s money
Donald Trump offers nine explanations of his Iraq War stance in 13 minutes
WATCH: Donald Trump’s terrifying response when asked about cybersecurity

Tasteless Ad Infinitum Dept.
Walmart 911 display, Twin Towers mattress sale – This year’s offensive 9/11 ads

Basket of Deplorables Dept.
Judge on trial after telling a rape victim that “sex and pain sometimes go together”
Maine Man Sparks Outrage by Putting Up ‘Black Rifles Matter’ Sign

Word of the Week: Ammosexual

Outrage As Brock Turner Launches Speaking Tour on “Drinking and Promiscuity”

Definitions of the Week: Unconscious and Promiscuous

I Can’t Even Come Up With a Department Name Dept.
Meek Mill’s Cousin Among 5 Dead in 15 Hours of Bloodshed Throughout Philadelphia

Does the Opposite of What it Says on the Tin Dept
Adblock Plus now sells ads


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