August 20, 2016

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Sports That Nobody Cares About Dept.

Ryan Lochte Apologizes for His ‘Behavior’ in Rio

Al Roker Slams Ryan Lochte and Confronts Billy Bush in Viral Video: ‘He Lied’

AWKWARD INTERVIEW: Ryan Lochte’s terrible interview with FOX 29 anchors

What Are the Purple Dots on Michael Phelps? Cupping Has an Olympic Moment

US Won the Most Medals! Canada came in 20th (Brent: Summer Olympics are dumb anyway)

Cheeto Jesus Dept.

Pretty much whatever is happening right now because news from a few days ago really doesn’t apply anymore.

Canadians Becoming Americans Dept.

Fatal shooting on Saskatchewan farm reveals province’s racial divide

Canadian man charged after daughter allegedly kills seagull on U.S. beach

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